Monday, 25 November 2013

First library and interview!

My first library has been released!!

The library is formed with all the recordings from my trip to Burkina Faso to shoot a video for OXFAM INTERMON. In the library you will find ambiences, wallas, FX and traditional songs. All the sounds were recorded with a M/S stereo pair of Schoeps CMIT + MK8 into a SD744T. Besides this some ambiences were also recorded with a spaced stereo pair of DPA´s 4060 for a bigger sound.

You can check it in Wildtrack Sound Library, the new platform for sound recordist that gives you storage as well shopping support. The recording community is growing every day and the recording gear is more and more accesible. Wildtrack sound library is an easy way to release those recordings that we have stored in our hard drives and can be usefull for somebody out there

"A sound effect" has published my new library too and they have posted a new entry in their blog with an interview they did to me talking about the library and my trip to Burkina Faso

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